Beware of Gluten-Free Cookie Mixes!

I was out doing my weekly shopping at Wegmans and I came across a product that I knew I had to share this with you!  As you know I am Holistic Lifestyle & Nutrition Coach and yes I do encourage my clients (and others) to eat gluten-free whenever possible.  However, I am about to share a product and example of why just because something is gluten-free doesn't mean it's "healthy" to eat.  Exhibit A...

Betty Crockers Chocolate Chip Cookie mix is just one company that jumped on the gluten free wagon to stay competitive with the market (being that more and more people are eating gluten free).  It has been some time, but I have tried this mix in the past.  One to see how they were and two for "research".  A lot of people ask me my opinion on certain products and what they should or shouldn't buy, so I bit the bullet :)

As soon as I poured the mix out I could see a sea of sugar crystals in the bowl.  It looked like there was more sugar than cookie mix!  I then took notice to the label on the box.  If you look at the picture above, you can see it lists 13g of sugar for every 2 tbsp of mix (1 serving).  Then look at how many servings are in the entire box.  It says there is about 20 servings!  So, if we do the math:  20 servings x 13g of sugar that equals 260 GRAMS OF SUAGR!!  I almost fell over and hit my head.  Are you kidding me?!?  Looking at the list of ingredients you can see how much sugar is being used.  So, how did they taste?  Like "regular" cookies, which I expected because they are using so much sugar to make up for the taste of the different types of flour they are using.  Another thing they have in the cookie mix (as you can see in the picture above) is SOY!  A lot of people that have to go gluten free also have to go soy free as well.  They just find they also have an intolerance to soy as well (even soy lecithin, which is used in so many products these days).  

I'm sure you probably know how bad sugar is for you, but just in case it's not crystal for you... 1 teaspoon of sugar can suppress your immune system for up to 6 hours and 1 teaspoon is equal to 5 grams.  So, if the box of cookie mix contains 260 grams of sugar that is equal to 52 teaspoons.  If 1 teaspoon suppress the immune system for 6 hours then that means there is enough sugar in cookie mix to suppress your immune system for 312 hours, which is 13 days!!  Now, I understand people aren't going to be eating the entire box (at least I hope not :)  But still, even if you are making 20 cookies, which is the suggested amount of cookies the box makes, then you are still getting 13 grams of sugar per cookie with is equal to 2.6 grams.  Which means that from just eating 1 cookie you will affect and lower your immune system for 15.6 hours!  Seriously?!?  If that doesn't concern you then I am even more speechless.

I tell my clients this all this time and can't stress it enough...  Please, please, please take note of what you are putting in to your body.  It only takes 20 seconds to scan the label for the ingredients, but if you don't take that time and blindly eat "all natural" or so called "healthy" products then you could just be buying over priced garbage that could wind up doing more harm than good.  High quality food and proper nutrition (eating right for your body type, food choices, etc) is the biggest investment you can make in yourself!  Thanks for reading!

Stay Fit and Functional,