How To Increase Your Energy - Part 1

It’s Monday morning and sun is just starting to creep up. The alarm clock goes off and you turn to look at the time. You feel like hitting the snooze three times, but you only do it once. It only feels like it’s been two minutes, but already the music pops back on. You get out of bed, you start your routine for the day, but even after you get out of the shower your energy is still sub par. If this sounds all too familiar like many of your mornings guess what, you’re not alone. All around the world people struggle with low energy. But what is causing low energy in so many people? While this subject can go very deep and is usually very specific to the individual, I want to give you two things to you can do immediately to help increase your energy (in Part 2 of this article I will give you two more things you can do)

The first thing you can do right now is to stop what you are doing and BREATHE deep! Now, before you stop reading this article and get to it there is a certain technique I would like you to use, unless you already breathe this way – and if that’s the case then high-five (yes, high-fives are still cool – get with it). Without getting into the mechanics of it (which is a good idea for another article), when you breathe in the first two thirds of the breath should be through the belly and then the final third through the chest.

So let’s start by putting one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. Take a nice, slow, deep breath in and allow your belly expand first, then your chest. If you don’t feel the need for the chest to lift up – don’t force it; this is supposed to be relaxing. As you exhale your chest will go down and your belly will go back in. This is our natural way of breathing. If you don’t believe me just find a baby and watch he or she breathe and you’ll see what I mean (but don’t be creepy about it). If you aren’t already breathing this way then you aren’t getting enough oxygen. If you aren’t getting enough oxygen then you aren’t getting the most out your body and the blood in the body. Just by implementing this one simple step and practicing it daily, you can feel a great shift in your energy for the better. Give it a try!

The next thing you can do is to use movement to increase the energy in your body. Did you know that the body runs on electricity? Piezoelectricity that is. So when you activate your muscles through activity or stretching, you are putting a certain amount of stress on the skeletal system which activates Piezoelectricity in the body. This can greatly literally give you a “jolt” of energy in the body, not to mention getting the blood flowing better. The best part is, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can get up, or sit, while are work and do some light stretching, you can do some simple breathing squats (inhaling as you stand/get taller, exhaling as you go into the squat/get smaller) while on your break or you can do more breathing exercises while at home in front of the TV. Or, pick a combo of these and do them everyday for the best overall benefit.

I hope this has helped you find a couple new things you can do to boost your energy today, tomorrow and forever. Please check out the second part of this article for the next two tips, which might be a little more challenging, but I know you can do it! Please follow me social media, so you know exactly when these types of helpful articles come out. Also, please let me know if you have any questions, comments or anything you would like to help you with because together we’re getting healthier everyday!