How To Kneel On A Stability Ball For A Strong Core

It's always fun to learn a new exercise and this was one of my favorites to learn a number of years ago.  This exercise can be utilized to challenge the entire core stabilizer system, quads and hip flexors, plus it's pretty cool to say that you can kneel on a stability ball.  Now, there are some people out there that think this exercise is silly or even stupid, but I would disagree.  There are not stupid exercises, just stupid applications and misuse.  

This exercise would be very beneficial for someone who has to keep their balance on an unstable surface.  For example, a motocross racer or a horseback rider would gain a lot of benefit from kneeling on a stability or swiss ball because they have to have well developed Tilting Reflexes (also referred to as equilibrium reflexes).  Tilting reflexes are used to keep your body upright when atop a moving surface.  

In this video I show you the best way to get onto the ball, how to get comfortable with the movement of the ball and how you can progress to an upright position.  Once you are fully comfortable with kneeling on the ball there are many exercises you can incorporate to make it even more challenging, which I will feature in later posts.  I also explain why it is important that you clear the area around you before attempting this exercise.  You don't want anything sharp on the floor that could puncture the ball and you don't want any machines or furniture you can bang your head on just in case you fall off.  

Always use a properly inflated, anti-burst stability/swiss ball when performing any exercise and stay safe.  Remember, less is more.  You can always do more tomorrow or the next day!  Please Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you know when a new video gets uploaded.  Click here to subscribe:

Stay fit and stay healthy,