Improve Your Grip Strength Fast

Hello and thank you for coming back to my blog.  I've been spending a lot of time thinking about things I'd like to share with you and this topic popped up very quickly.  It's also something I've been working on for myself and wanted to pass it along to you.  That topic is improving your grip strength.  

For both men or women, grip strength is everything when we are talking about being functional and fit.  If you can't hold on to it, you won't be able to lift it.  As I mentioned, I've been working on my grip strength and have noticed significant strength increase.  You see, you're not just getting your hands stronger, you're essentially getting your whole upper body stronger.  

When you grip a bar, a dumbbell or anything for that matter, you are telling your body how many muscles it needs to recruit.  So, if you're fairly strong and grab a 10lb dumbbell you probably won't need to recruit or stimulate a lot of muscles.  However, if you are about to perform a 300lb deadlift, you'll have to squeeze the bar that much harder to be able to hold onto it.  Therefore, you're forearms, biceps, shoulders, chest and core are all going to have to fire to ensure you hold onto that bar (since they are all connected throughout the muscular chain).  

This is just one reason I really don't promote or like the use of wrist straps.  Because you are "artificially" holding onto the bar and not recruiting or tapping into the use of the entire muscular chain, therefore not stimulating as much growth as you could be.  One tool I love for improving grip strength is Fat Gripz.  

Using Fat Gripz is a great way to improve your strength curve and get a bone crushing grip.  You can add them to any standard dumbbell, bar, chin up or pull bar and watch your grip improve!   In today's video I talk more about them, how to use them and what the benefits are.  

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