It's Saturday... Take A Load Off

jim burdumy, elite core fitness, healthy, lifestyle, stress

jim burdumy, elite core fitness, healthy, lifestyle, stress

Hey there, how are you?  I hope you had a productive week you can feel good about.  I know I did.  If you've been following me on social media, you know I have been pretty active and have a theme for each day of the week now (thanks Sara).  I look forward to sharing a lot more with you and I love the support so far from everyone.  As you know, my goal is to help as many people in this world to improve their lifestyle, health, fitness, diet, etc.  As you know we live in such a face paced world with so many distractions.  Whether it's texts from friends, updates on Facebook or emails from work - we are pulled in so many directions, but in most cases it's for other people!!  So, the question is... when do we do something for ourselves??  Well, I'm glad you asked because guess what Saturday's theme is going to be??  The Saturday Splurge!  You had a long week with hectic hours and a crazy schedule, but now it's Saturday and you need to TAKE A LOAD OFF!

Many people put off doing things for themselves because they are so focused on everything else that's going on around them.  Does this sound familiar?  Yes, I get it... your a mom, your a dad, you own your own business, your job demands a lot.  And while that's all well and good and relatable... you're still a person that has your own needs and when those needs aren't being met -- you start to suffer.  Think of yourself as the Sun and your children (if you're a parent) or your business/job as the plants.  If you just keep going and going never address your own needs, eventually you'll burn out.  Well, let me ask you something... how long to the plants have to live and survive it the Sun burns out?  Exactly!

So, what's something you can do for yourself today that would allow you to relax, kick back and take a load off?  It doesn't have to be anything crazy either.  Today is April 9, 2016 and it's snowing here in King of Prussia, PA, so it's not a beautiful sunny day to go out and run around with my son.  So, instead we broke out the Play-Doh and starting using our imaginations.  I always encourage my son to play, pretend and create using his imagination.  After all it was Einstein who said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”  We made things like crocodiles, owls, a leaf and my favorite creation - the Superman logo.  Of course this was my idea... and he loved it.  He loved it so much that before we ate lunch, he asked if we could draw it on paper, color it and cut out... so we did.

If it's a day that you might not want to go outside are trying to think of something to do besides getting on your phone or cracking open the computer, drawing, coloring and creating (whether with your kids, your spouse or by yourself) is a great option!  Did you know they sell adult coloring books?  They are pretty inexpensive and all you need is some colored pencils and maybe some good music in the background to get you relaxed, centered and on your way to recharging your batteries from all the hard work you put it.  You might be extremely surprised to how good you feel after doing something so simple like using your imagination and sharing a moment like that with yourself or someone you love.  Plus, it's easy to do, which gives you very little reason to not try.  So that's what I have for you on the first of many Saturday Splurges.  And while playing, creating, coloring, etc many not seem like "splurging"... it is!  And you deserve it!  Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


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