Autism Scandals and Vaccines

Parent or not, you need to read this!

I understand that this might be a controversial issue, but that just means more light needs to be shed on it.  People need to have the facts and understand that the topic of Autism being linked to the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine is REAL.  Of course it's easier to just discredit the idea, say people are paranoid or crazy and just move on, but since when is anything worth defending easy going?

Over the last two days my wife and I watched the new movie VAXXED - from coverup to catastrophe.  It's currently available for a 48 hour rental to watch online for $3.99.  I strongly encourage EVERYONE in the world watch this movie.  Whether you are a parent or not, you or someone you know are getting vaccines every year and the more you know, the better the choices you can make.  It is my hope that everyone sees VAXXED and does their part by spreading the word about the content in this movie.  Please click HERE to watch and support VAXXED.

As I show you in the video below some shocking clips from the movie that will leave you jaw dropped.  Some of the people I mention in the video are Robert De Niro, Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree, Bill Posey, Dr. Rachael and Dr. William Thompson.  We all need to wake up and stop just blindly believing organizations like the CDC.  Many doctors have lost faith in the CDC after seeing the staggering evidence showing that the CDC has been lying this whole time and screwing up the lives of millions of children.  

Please share this article/video with anyone and everyone you care about.  Let's get this information out there together and make a difference!  

Stay Healthy!

Jim Burdumy