Stronger Grip with Heavy Grips

Hey there!  Today, I am back with another great tip for you on how to develop bone crushing strength in your hands.  If you didn't see the last blog article where I talk about using Fat Gripz during your training, please check that our HERE.  Fat Gripz are a great way to challenge yourself while training and really jumpstart the strength building process. 

I feel that grip strength doesn't get enough attention, which in turn has people using and relying on wrist wraps to hold onto what they are lifting.  Just with our feet and legs, our arms can only be as strong as our hands.  You will experience tremendous gains in your overall strength and arm size by training and improving your grip.  

The tool I'm sharing with you today is Heavy Grips hand grips.  The reason I like these (other than the cost... 3 pairs for $30) is that there are multiple resistance levels, which is critical in building strength in the hands.  You want to train the muscles in your hands and forearms like you would any other muscle that you are trying to get stronger... heavier weight/resistance.

Staying with the cheap plastic handle hand grips won't help you get to your goal.  You need something that's challenging for you to do and keep the reps low, as opposed to banging out 50-100 reps.  I show you and talk more about the hand grips in the video below.      

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