Weight loss with a Scoop of Greens

Hey there! I hoped you enjoyed the last post about the amazing anti-aging Apothe-Cherry by Purium. If you didn’t, please check it out by clicking HERE. This stuff is high in anti-oxidants and helps you get into a DEEP sleep! Moving on… Anyway, we are going to change gears a little and talk about weight loss and hunger control. We all know how important getting a healthy amount of vegetables is on a daily basis. I don’t think you can open a health magazine without hearing about the benefits of these amazing plants. They provide so many minerals, nutrients, fiber and life giving awesomeness (yes, that’s a word!).

But how many people get enough of what they need. Sometimes it’s nice to just have a little boost. And that’s what a high quality supplement can and should be used for. Not a means to an end or the end-all-be-all, just a boost. And that’s what Scoop of Greens can offer you. So what is Scoop of Greens? Purium lists that “it is a proprietary blend of the best organic leafy greens, whole grains and slow burning carbohydrates, and the powerful antioxidant alpha lipoic acid.” Some of the benefits include:

  • Can support healthy, stable blood glucose levels
  • Can reduce hunger and cravings between meals
  • organic non-gmo nutritious purium scoop of greens
  • May support a healthy immune system
  • Can help improve digestion
  • May help increase circulation

Now, even though this product isn’t 100% gluten free, because Purium sprouts (soaks) all of their grains, such as the barley that’s in Scoop of Greens, I know many people who are gluten sensitive to be fine with it, but if you are celiac, be cautious – everyone is unique. On top of being organic, non-gmo and wholefood, Scoop of Greens was awarded the U.S. Seal of Approval as a beneficial food acceptable for diabetic consumption and is endorsed by the Diabetes Resource Center!

So what’s in Scoop of Greens that give it all these benefits?? Purium lists the ingredients and offers information on how they the body…

Nutritious Greens like Kamut wheatgrass juice and barley green juice, which contain magnesium, a cofactor in many enzyme systems involved in blood sugar control are very important, especially since Diabetics are often magnesium deficient. Cereal grasses may also help your digestion, circulation, and immune systems, as well as tone your skin, through their cleansing, detoxifying actions.

Activated Barley is the slowest burning complex carbohydrate known to man with the highest amount of convertible beta glucan, which is a soluble fiber. Activated Barley will also give you sustained energy without the "crash" associated with energy drinks and coffee.

Rice Bran Solubles are a rich source of B vitamins and tocotrienols, which are powerful vitamin E-type nutrients.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful antioxidant that studies show may also help reduce pain, burning, itching and numbness associated with nerve damage caused by diabetes.

Lo Han Guo berry contains a natural sweetening agent called Mogroside that is ten times sweeter than fructose- so a small amount means fewer calories.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to get a boost of healthy greens, manage hunger control, improve digestion and give the immune system a boost. To order this you can visit http://www.mypurium.com/elitecorefitness/product/2381. They also have a smaller container which is 14 servings.  If you have any questions, you can always look me up on FacebookTwitterInstagram or ask me a question. Enjoy!

Yours in health,