Wellness In The Workplace

Do you currently offer a corporate wellness program at your company?  If not, are you thinking of implementing one?  Is the one you are offering actually saving your company money?  Is it creating real, lasting change in your employees lives and getting them healthier?  If can't honestly answer "YES", then you need to consider a different approach to the wellness programs you bring into your company.

healthier employees helps save money

Did you know that Duke University Global Health Institute estimates that obesity-related absenteeism and decreased productivity cost employers as much as $36.4 billion a year in the U.S?  Or did you know that University of Michigan’s, Dee Edington, PhD says that companies that invest adequately in their wellness programs save at least 3 times their investment in health-related costs.

Wellness Programs Like No Other

Jim has taken the same unique, holistic approach that he uses with his clients and implemented it into the world of corporate wellness.  Jim offers "Lunch and Learn" programs on various topics such as Increasing Energy, Proper Ergonomics and Executive Nutrition as well as a comprehensive, consistent, life changing program called Managing Stress In A Modern World.  

This program offers weekly or monthly group, on-site coaching with Jim.  Complete with handouts, activities, group interaction and camaraderie - moving people to improve their lifestyle and change their health forever.  Even though every person in the room will be getting the same information, he or she will be able to use it uniquely in their own lives depending on their current situation.  

Jim has spoken at and worked with organizations/companies such as:

  • Vynamic

  • Bancorp, Inc

  • Wesley Enhanced Living

  • Commonwealth of Reading Pennsylvania

  • EO Forum Group Annual Retreat (8 hour wellness seminar)

  • Camden High School

  • NiceTown CDC

  • The Victory Bank